Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ahh, this is so refreshing!

I finally had an appointment with a CNM today and it was so refreshing to talk to someone that I knew actually cared about my baby and me, and not just about getting through another appointment.

The midwifery office was in a quaint, little town that just screamed "Mayberry." We pulled up to the office, which was in an old, victorian house. We walked inside and they took my blood pressure and did my interview with me on a comfy sofa. She then did my exam and gave me so much information and answered all of my questions.

It was amazing.

I loved the atmosphere and how personal it was compared to my last two pregnancies. Even though I won't be going to this midwife throughout my entire pregnancy, it was so nice to know I'm making the right decision by going to a birthing center, using a CNM, and having a doula.

I'm not sure when my next appointment will be, but Quentin's heartbeat is right on track and he is measuring slightly big, but his brothers did too so I guess we will have another big baby!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Things are Finally Starting to Looking Up!

After dealing with the insurance company and not getting any clear answers on the procedure for going to a birthing center or having a home birth with a midwife; and after being 17 1/2 pregnant and STILL having not been seen by a medical professional, things are finally starting to look up!
We decided that we will be moving back to California, where I will have the great opportunity to have not only a fellow Marine wife, but also a friend to be my doula! Not only will I have an excellent doula, but I have also found a wonderful birthing center (which has been recommended from friends) where I will be able to deliver our next baby BOY! We found out two weeks ago that we will be welcoming Quentin Emmett to our family. Our sons are thrilled to have another brother!
I do have an appointment with a CNM next week to make sure everything is good with little Quentin, and then once we make it back to California I will be able to get set up at the birthing center there. Needless to say, I am thrilled to finally find a birthing center that is in the TriCare network, which means we won't have to worry about paying for any unexpected fees.