Thursday, March 29, 2012


Today, I taught Tyson how to give himself a shower. He did great and loved being a big boy. After his shower, I let him do something special.

He got to use his daddy's deodorant.

He put it on all by himself, with the biggest smile I've seen in awhile. It set the tone for his entire day. He put one of his favorite shirts on, I did his hair, and we were off to school.

Letting him wear Luke's deodorant was bittersweet. It was sweet because it made Tyson so happy to be able to do something that his daddy did. To hold something his daddy held. And he smelled like him. It was bitter because every turn I made to push the deodorant up was one push away from him, from preserving every item he ever touched or used. Facing the reality that one day, I will have to go through his things, and not keep every old battery that was tucked away somewhere, just because he simply touched it.

I never knew that putting deodorant on after a shower could bring on so many emotions. But once again, my Tyson has done it. I'm happy that every time I give him a hug today, I'll remember a piece of my love.