Sunday, August 16, 2015

Dear Fellow Christians

Dear Fellow Christians,

I have felt like I am in a rut lately, like everything that comes out of my mouth is negative. It's something I struggle with, whether it be gossip, worrying, saying something sarcastic or mean, and many other things. It's something we have been trying to really work on as a family, but fail many times a day. Life can be hard sometimes and it's easy to lose focus and see the negative things in your life as people failing you. However, I believe a different way to look at that could be that God is closing or opening doors. This means I may not like everything everyone does to me, and I don't even have to agree with it, I just have to trust it. If only it was that easy...

I heard a great message today by a very influential man in my life. I worked with/for him as his ministry assistant and he opened my eyes to a whole new idea of Christianity. I will never forget a concept he shared with me when he was interviewing me - if Christians would rally together, not focussing on their differences, but choosing to focus on the fact that Satan is bad and how can we love people, the world would be much better off. What a neat way to look at things; it's ok to love and accept other Christians, even if they don't believe the same as us!

We are so all so guilty of focusing on politicians and how they're wrong and how we can spread the lies and hatred about them, we start rumors or tell others about personal things - even about our family, we are publicly humiliating Christians for not dressing correctly or not looking the way we feel they should look. How are we supposed to love OTHERS if we can't even love EACH OTHER? Why can't we show humility and grace to younger, less experienced Christians by having faith in them and what they are called to do? Because we are human, we are flesh, we are sinful, and we want to be in control. We feel the pull to do what we want or what we feel is best at the moment, even sometimes thinking it's what God wants us to do. But realize that sometimes our decisions that we think are so wonderful to broadcast, actually end up hurting others and ruining what could have been an excellent testimony.

I challenge you, CHRISTIAN, as I am challenging myself, to be kind, gracious, loving, caring, compassionate and to seek Christ in accepting people... including Christians.